I like to define the term brand as a catalyst of affections, that is, as the sum of each and every one of the sensations, perceptions and experiences that a person has as a result of contact with an organization, its products and services. This definition denotes that a brand resides above all else, in the minds of people, who access it through one or more of their points of contact. The perceptions that a specific person has about a specific brand will be influenced by both that they have seen, heard or read about it in their own, paid, generated and social media -online and offline-, as well as the level of quality of contact with their staff and satisfaction with what was purchased (if any). In this way, the customer experience or brand experience is built for the customer, as we prefer to call it.
The Graphic Brand is a graphic sign that represents and identifies a company, person, product, service or institution. It is the expression of the social individuality of the person who uses it, in addition to distinguishing it from the crowd, it is a guarantee of "The Quality of what they sign." It is used for a long time; therefore, it must survive changes.



Your graphic brand should drive discovery, perception and over time be the benchmark for loyalty to your products or services. For this, your visual identifier (logo) is crucial in the visual identity, it is the fulcrum to remember your values, and differentiate yourself from the competition. We will work together the process to bring the brand strategy to the final product. Presenting a brand that is optimized for your marketing strategy will raise awareness and engage customers in charting the path to brand loyalty.

... The relevance of the design of a brand is detected by comparing the tested graphic alternatives with the profile and communication conditions of the entity in question. This relevance will be obvious to an intelligent and cultured eye that perceives the connotations of each alternative, thus allowing the most appropriate to be chosen for the case. A brand is like a suit: you have to try it on before buying it to see if it fits you ("looking good" is "relevance") ...
Norberto Chaves



Whether your brand simply needs an update or you are looking to discover what identifies you and can show who you are, I can help you. To get to the core of your brand identity, I guide you through a discovery process that involves research. This phase helps to discover key elements of your brand that I will use to define your identity. This process will answer key questions integral to your brand strategy. How do you want people to perceive you? What emotions does the brand need to bring out from users? What does your audience need to feel about your brand to achieve your goals?


Of course, it depends on the service you hire but I can tell you that all the graphic brands that I design are delivered in all standard formats for reproduction and scalability, I also include a user manual with the guidelines that will allow you to use your logo-brand properly and you it will serve to establish a coherent corporate identity.

To find these answers, I'll work with you to research your business's specific competition, industry, and audience. Once we know what your audience's weaknesses, values, and beliefs are, we'll know what they want. So, we can build what the perception of your brand should be.

After that, the essential component of brand identity is communication. Your logo (Graphic Brand), colors, typography, images and messages must communicate that perception constantly over time.